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This is the newest and very wide range of products that our company produces and can offer to those customers looking for something different made not only with the classic Cor-Ten iron.

This special finishing is not made on Cor-Ten iron plate but rather on different materials such as steel and carbon steel (iron ). This technique enables us to satisfy a growing demand from professionals and individuals looking for special shapes & application, even with structural and certified features, that are impossible to get with Cor-Ten plates.


Continous reasearch and product testing made mainly to find the best possible finishing treatmenton rusted iron surfaces ( Corten Design ), is our key to obtain high quality products, defect and sags free coatings, a unique result that can't be achieved with the standard Cor-Ten.

A wide choice of different solutions is available to create any kind of design,artistic and architectural application. Thanks to our Corten-Design division, it is possible to create drawings,signs, logos,etc., matching various type of material and surprising surface coatings.

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