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The wrought iron art

The company Vanzo Giuseppe & figlio specialises in the restoration with the latest modern techniques combined with traditional knowledge, thank to their lifetime experience. This family run business is well known and appreciated for his know-how also in renewing and restoring ancient artifacts made of wrought iron. They constantly update their skills and follow the continous evolution of the market in order to offer a wide range of products, from handmade wrought iron products to the most modern processing and finishing.

Giuseppe Vanzo

He's famous and appreciated for this fabrication of creating the look and feel of the wrought iron work . His combination of architectural and artistic blacksmithing skills has produced various and very beautiful pieces such as iron gates, parapets, artistic lights, etc. Giuseppe knows very well how to use traditional blacksmithing processes and techniques combined with modern methods especially when working on acient artifacts. He believes that forging and riveting is an art where passion plays the most important role.

Mirko Vanzo

Since he started to work for the company he dedicated most of his time to find new proposals and finishes dedicated mainly to contemporary and modern, paint finishes or Corten-Design products. His interest for the research and modern techniques is leading the company into a new dimension. Mirko creates high quality finishing and sophisticated products with a unique made in Italy design,adressed to those customers who demand the best accurancy in finishing and quality.